Who are Phil and Catherine?
Over the past 20 years, Phil and Catherine have studied and practiced personal development. They have taught and coached 100s and spoken to 1000s on personal development since 2005. In 2020 they shifted online. The mission? Get this message out to the masses. 
“You can be a no eXcuses PRO”


Phil and Catherine have been working on self-improvement since the age of 24. Whether it was reading a book, listening to audios, or breaking a sweat at the YMCA, they were always pushing themselves to be better.
In the early days, we were committed to personal development but in money and fitness. Shortly after we were married, we realized that actual personal development is about becoming a better person. 
A better person all round.

Our Professional Life

By the age of 30, they had hit many of their goals in their careers, business, real estate, and personal growth. Over the years, they have done many things, from real estate to consulting to various business ventures. Their commitment to personal development, and their ability to inspire and encourage others, has been constant through it all.

Phil served 6 years in the New Zealand Navy before becoming a commercial diver in Canada, helping to construct the world's longest sea-spanning bridge. He also spent many years as a rope access technician managing teams to carry out a multitude of different disciplines in high-risk situations.

Catherine was employed as a public relations consultant for a few years before launching her own firm. She successfully built and managed a team before selling her company 15 years later as part of her exit strategy to start a family.

During this same period, Phil and Catherine invested in rental properties. Purchased and successfully managed a mobile wash company and part-time built an extensive network marketing business.

They personally developed themselves, spending thousands of dollars attending conferences, reading books, listening to audibles, completing courses, and putting principles learned into daily practice.

As motivational speakers, they inspired and motivated 1000s. Certified High-Performance Life Coaches and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coaches. Coached 100s of individuals and couples in person, 1000s of miles away. Phil was certified as a Crossfit trainer in 1999 and continues to push himself mentally and physically.

Since 1989, their career and business experiences, continuous drive to personal development, and deepening of their own relationship have given them the background and experiences vital in qualifying them as legitimate. They teach, coach, and share not from theory but from practical, on-the-ground life lessons.


no eXcuses PRO exists today because they’re different. Phil and Catherine bring life to the boring personal development sector. 

They bring themselves and their real lives, not fake lives, but the life they’ve lived. They don’t lecture to you from a book or talk at you from behind a teleprompter. It’s not a perfect life, but it’s theirs.

They deliver the truth of how intentional personal development will change your life and those close to you. They know it’s true because what they’ve learned, they’ve applied, and it’s worked.

It can work for you.


Phil and Catherine are an unlikely couple who come from opposite sides of the world. They have overcome tremendous odds and today enjoy a marriage of more than 22 years. They have two children and live on Canada’s east coast.

Testimonial: Perspective

Wandering through life, I was headed towards being a jack of all trades and master of none. 
I never thought High-Performance Life Coaching might actually change my life! In a word, what Catherine has brought me is peace in all areas of my life. 

Catherine helped me get to my real personal goals and worked with me to construct a clear, direct, time-sensitive plan to achieve them. My main focus is my physical fitness. We were able to take me from tired to tenacious, from fluffy to fit, from fast food to fasting. 

I now have a firm grip on my eating habits, sleep schedule, and fitness routine. Because I feel better about myself, the benefits have poured into my relationships and finances.

An outside opinion or perspective when dealing with these issues is priceless. Catherine asks questions that will have you reflecting and questioning your thoughts and beliefs to let you grow into the best version of yourself. She is a no-nonsense, leads by example, kinda woman. Truly a blessing in my life! When people ask why I should have a High-Performance Life Coach like Catherine...I ask why not?

Kristy N.
Registered Nurse | Entrepreneur

Testimonial: Disciplined.

Phil is goal-driven, disciplined, and on a continuous path of learning. He faces obstacles with a great attitude and a growth mindset. 
He won’t give up until he achieves his goals. 
Phil is genuine, transparent, and practices the very principles he teaches. He is a “no nonsense-get-what-you-see-kinda-guy.”
He is loyal and trustworthy, knows how to build genuine rapport quickly, and, more importantly, knows how to maintain relationships, even when 1000s of miles away.

Brian Nieves 
Mo. State Senator (Ret.) 
Speaker | Trainer | Performance Coach

Testimonial: NoExcuses Women's Retreat.

Structured and flexible; quiet time and fun; alone time and sharing together. This retreat had something for everyone. We learned and grew, shared, and supported one another.

It's incredible how incorporating things like preparing a meal together can be "retreat worthy." These are often the best parts of engaging in a retreat - the times where whatever happens happens.
I loved that this weekend had space for it all!

Catherine is a gracious host and a competent leader. She is also a compassionate, high-performance coach, loving you enough to be honest, and supporting you as you go.

I would recommend her coaching and High-Performance Women retreats to anyone looking to consciously move towards a life of being all you can be.
Hugs to you, Catherine!

Michelle M., participant in January 2022 Retreat

Testimonial: NoExcuses Women's Retreat.

I attended the NoExcuses Women's Retreat with a group of remarkable women, and it was such a fantastic experience. We spent time reflecting, sharing, chatting about our everyday lives, and doing exercises to dig deeper into our decisions.

Catherine did such a fantastic job making us feel welcome and ensuring we always had what we needed.

I highly recommend this retreat for anyone thinking about getting the edge in their life.

Thank you, Catherine!

Jessie S., participant in January 2022 Retreat

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