What is the Green Box?

The Green Box is a financial literacy program that is designed to empower you to increase your financial literacy.  

Ordinary and extraordinary people from all walks of life that are struggling financially now have a simple program to become financially fit.  No matter the income level whether you are below the poverty line, average or middle class.  Maybe you are in a much higher income bracket over $10,000 a month or millionaire status.  Unless you are financially literate you are in danger of losing it all thanks to bad decisions, lavish spending and poor financial planning and wrong thinking.   

According to Sports Illustrated, 78 percent of National Football League (NFL) and an estimated 60 percent of National Basketball Association (NBA) players go bankrupt or are under financial stress in just two years and five years, literally squandered millions of dollars.

It really all comes down to wrong thinking.  The Green Box financial literacy program will teach you sound financial principles BUT more importantly help you unlearn wrong thinking and put you on the correct path. 

What will the GreenBox do for you?  

  • Put you in control of your Finances.
  • Remove the financial stress out of your life.
  • Put you back in control of your life.  You get to call the shots.
  • Debt free future.

Financial Fitness Book

47 solid financial principles.  The first seven (7) basic principles to get you kick started in the right direction. Seventeen (17) principles on offense.  Seventeen (17) principles on defense and the last six (6) dedicated to helping you understand the playing field.  

Think about it like a competitive sport.  Sports team that want to win the grand title, the gold medal, the championship require not only a great offense but an equally impressive defense.  But this alone does not guarantee the Super Bowl victory.  You need to understand the rules, the playing field of finances. 

Financial Fitness Work Book

Step by step the financial fitness work book will guide you towards never having to deal with stress about finances again.  With the GreenBox you counsel yourself.  No need to turn up at the counsellors office to be embarrassed about the unfortunate financial circumstances.  Nor do you need to take the route of seeking out debt consolidation companies or credit consolidation. 

Your days of having financial stress are at an end for you.

In a world of immense uncertainty, economic volatility, unprecedented change, increasing taxes, a spectacular rise in the cost of living what can you do?  Just begin with the Basics - Principles 1 through 7 slows the heart beat and allows you to breathe againRelieve financial or over extended credit stress by learning and applying principle based financial sustainability. 

In the privacy of your own home take yourself to debt counselling with #theGreenBox.  Avoid debt consolidation companies and credit consolidation inevitably it only leads to more damage not to far down the road if you have not learned and implemented solid financial principals out of the GreenBox into your life.


Inside the GreenBox

1. Financial fitness book.

2. Financial fitness work book.

3. Eight Audios