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The Family That Stopped Reading

The Family That Stopped Reading

It's amazing how little has changed in the education of our kids over the years. It is as though just because we live in Canada and America we are somehow, miraculously insulated from the need to change how we teach our growing kids in today's environment.  Schools are still factories that produce employees. With limited intellectual stimulation, most students are able to advance from one grade to the next as long as they attend class and submit to their teachers.  North America doesn't need more factory type education, North America needs people who are taught how to think, not what to think.

Check out this video ... it's 11 minutes long and worth it.



Start reading.  Setting the right example for our kids is fundamental.  Turn off the TV, turn off the Gaming devices, YOU stop watching TV and playing those crazy games, better yet if you can't stop....Break the TV and Gaming devices!

READ the right things.  My kids and your kids are the ones who will change this nation IF you and I start a culture of reading now in our homes.  Your kids don't read? PAY them money to read.  What's a better return on investment???  Paying them to take the garbage out or paying them to read?

The educational engine

The educational engine does not need fine-tuning; we need to bust that thing into a million pieces and rebuild it with different pieces.  It needs a total change of direction. It needs to make students read and then want to read, read, and read.  We need YOUR HELP!

Change your information, change your thinking, change your results

Governments of Canada and the United States of America

The Governments of Canada and the United States of America may not ready for the people to be truly educated but we are.  Thankfully people are deciding that it's time to stand and make a difference, they started reading great books.

If you read, your kids will read.  Change you, change your family, change your town, change your country.  Learn to read today.


Debt limit.

Debt limit.

Struggle and Change

Struggle and Change