What's in the Gap?


Most of us don't have a plan.  Well maybe we do, maybe its one that we fell into based on where we were born, who we associated with, how we were raised, where we work.

Think about what you do for a living and why, who your friends are and why.  Why your relationships are the way they are.  Why your marriage is the the way it is or isn't.

If YOU have not intentionally developed a plan for your life, there will be no forward progress.

You could have several plans, one in your personal growth, your relationship with loved ones, your career, a plan for your personal fitness, a plan to grow in your faith.

The point is you need a plan to improve.  To break the status quo.  You have to intentionally ATTACK IT!!

The gap between knowing what to do and doing it is a PLAN

Which area in your life would you like to grow and expand in?  Develop a plan.  Find someone who has the results you want in life.  Read books! Listen to great leadership self improvement audios, associate with like minded people.  

YOU can do this! YOU can do this! Personally GROW!