Letter to Prime Minister @Justin Trudeau @Bill_Morneau From Jennifer

Love the Honesty, and clarity of this letter from Jennifer voicing the same concern that Millions of Canadians have.

Please remember who your constituents are...they are not The 1%, they are the small to mid-size businesses and their employees. The ones who fund this country, this government and all the golden pensions, and now you want to burden them with more taxes. If they are able to save a few dollars, that will go to the increased taxes and there won't be any rainy day fund to see them through any perils. This proposed increase in taxes will put their businesses in peril and you must know that a good percentage of them will have to close their doors = less employment = less taxes. Please don't be foolish!

Reading a lot of articles about the 1% and the public sector, it looks to me that there is a great inequality in our society. This is where the government, you, can do the most good, by bringing our society into a more equitable economy.

Remember, it takes the majority of this country (small and mid-size businesses and their employees) to re-elect you.

Don't be foolish.

Jennifer ST