Letter to Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau and Mr @BIll_Morneau re: #unfairtaxchanges #unfairmorneau

Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau and Mr @Bill_Morneau,

I am Canadian, I love Canada.  I have been a self-employed entrepreneur for 20 years. I have worked in the oil and gas industry nationally and internationally, owned multiple rental housing units, owned and operated a mobile wash business, and am currently building a financial and leadership education business in the network marketing industry.

  1. What is better for the Canadian economy?  More entrepreneurs or more employees?
  2. Should I remain an entrepreneur or go back to being an employee?
  3. Should I work for an average company or find a high-paying government job?

Bill, my understanding is you come from a wealthy family.  Your father Frank was a successful entrepreneur and founder of Morneau Shepell https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morneau_Shepell $592.1 million CAD (2016) company revenue.  Your wife Nancy McCain is a heir to the privately held multi-billion dollar McCain Foods empire co-founded by her late father Andrew McCain.  I'm not entirely sure that you truly have an understanding of what small and mid-sized businesses offer the Canadian economy and what it actually takes to struggle with little to no capital to get a business off the ground.

To get a business started, many of us must work a job, while we build the foundation of our business, often working 14-18 hours a day.  As an entrepreneur, I am the last person to get paid, I assume all responsibility for failure and success, I am the first one in and the last to leave.  In the early stages, I pay for childcare to build my business while there is no profit for me from my business.

Business owners use “tax strategies" - you call them “tax loop holes” - so we can keep more of the money we have "earned".  We reinvest that same money into our business.  We use these things you call “loopholes" because Canadians already face a massive tax burden.

I understand the government needs as much money as possible because you, the expert Canadian Finance Minister, consistently over spend.  You take this money from my pocket, from me, my wife, and my two little kids. That's my family, Bill.  The Canadian government is robbing from us the money that we earn and deserve.

What does the government need more money for? To continue a track record of fiscal irresponsibility?  To pay big companies like Morneau Shepell with lucrative federal contracts?  To pay non-producing government workers (who receive higher wages, better pensions, better health care, earlier retirement than the average Canadian citizen)?

Perhaps you don't fully understand the little guys and how hard we have to work to get ahead and keep what little we can.  How can you? The job you held with Morneau Shepell, founded by your father, paid you well.  A total of $1,071,859 in 2014, including a base salary of $450,000 plus a bonus and share-based awards - see Ottawa Citizen article

Heres what I'm asking you, Bill.  Remember how your father Frank started.  He was an entrepreneur, he created the fortune that you benefit from today.  You remember your other siblings (plus boarders from time to time) residing in a 1,200-square-foot house … owning one baseball glove … sharing one black-and-white TV set with the rest of the household, wearing hand-me-down clothing, and recalling no more than five visits to restaurants in total until his teen years.  You remember that, don't you Bill? Your father Frank represents me, your father represents us, the average Canadian citizen trying to get ahead, building a business, becoming an entrepreneur, contributing to the Canadian economy. - see Financial Post article

Justin Trudeau, you also have no leg to stand on.  While your background is different than Bill’s, there are similarities.  You also have zero clue about what it takes for ordinary Canadians to get ahead in Canada.   

I'll end with this, Prime Minister Trudeau.  Please don't be so defiant in your stand against the average Canadian, who works their guts out to get ahead as an entrepreneur, and also those employees aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Give them a reason to work towards becoming successful entrepreneurs.  Prime Minister we need you to soften a little, have some understanding for what we do, what we add to the economy.  We are proud Canadians, I am proud to be a Canadian and willing to pay my "fair share" of taxes.  BUT I cannot and will not give more to you than I give my family.


I am Canadian.