Don't raise the debt limit - Plllleeeaase!

The following 3minute short movie clip is pretty funny and aimed at the United States.  However that very same clip is the reality for most westernized countries (Canada) whether we or they like to admit it or not.

The United States debt limit explained. A satirical short film taking a look at the national debt and how it applies to just one family. The watch our follow up video: Knock Knock IRS Watch the guy from the Sprint Ads, Ferris Bueller Superbowl Spot and plays Arwin!

Yes we smile and point at America and their government's fiscal irresponsibility and say it won't happen to us "we don't live in America", reality is happening, not on the same scale population wise but it is happening.  What if we fixed our personal finances with our own families first? Would that make a difference?

 Click on the Picture to find out your Canadian Provinces Debt load.

Click on the Picture to find out your Canadian Provinces Debt load.

Currently every newborn in Nova Scotia, Canada (that's where I live) comes into this world owing $14,008 in provincial debt.

"We teach our kids to live within their means, to match their incomes.  These are principles that the government ought to live by." - Jamie Baillie, Nova Scotia PC Leader

"In my mind, it's really gone beyond a question of what is sound business practice, and becomes a question of whether it's right or wrong."  - Jacques Lapointe, Nova Scotia's Auditor General

One of the many things LIFE Co-Founder Claude Hamilton teaches to hundreds of thousands of people is sound financial principles.  What I appreciate about my friend Claude is that he practices what he teaches.  This is unfortunately not a common thing these days.