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Welcome to NoExcuses.PRO

I’m a New Zealand native, living in Canada.

A Husband | Dad | Crossfit fan | Healthy Eater - most times | Coach to some | Mentor to others | I live a No Excuses lifestyle which means I don’t get away with much of anything.

We search for and we invest in people looking for and wanting positive, long lasting, repeatable results.

Everyday be Kind | Authentic | Loving | Respectful | Relentless - be intentionally relentless chasing excellence | I choose to give my best. Always.

NoExcuses.PRO is here to inspire, to encourage, to push boundaries. | Explore new places | Soar to new heights | to be a better parent | a better Friend | a better Employee | a better leader | a better spouse or partner | a Better someone | to be your Best | it’s not only possible it is probable.

Giving your best?

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